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Technology Evaluation and IT Support

This is a quick call and check of your current state of all things IT-related.

I like to start here because then we can see what is working and what needs to be updated. You might have some IT needs covered and others you are on your own for.

Let’s say you own and operate a local insurance company, or you work from home under a company whose business owners work independently under the brand name. They might provide support for your email services, update the company webpage, list you as a provider, and will support those issues. However, you might be on your own when it comes to things like network configuration and security – setting up a firewall, obtaining faster Wi-Fi, or creating a secured file-sharing account.

You might have to look for secure local storage to keep large files such as video editing and you can’t wait for files to upload or download from the cloud.

Let us know what your pain points are and we can come up with an IT solution to fit your needs.

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