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PC Support Solutions

We provide as-needed or on-demand technical PC support solutions for small businesses.

This on-demand support can be used as an as-needed rather than as part of an ongoing salary-based position – saving you and your business time and money.

This covers day-to-day IT questions covering most of your IT needs and goals. If specialized software or services outside of our focus is needed we can help put you in touch with trusted and/or appropriate vendors to help you, but most support issues are solvable with our in-house team and solved remotely through our secure remote access technology.

Common PC Support Solutions include multi-PC set up on networks, networked printer access, network connectivity troubleshooting, virus and security software installation, and VOIP telecommunications integration.

Some small businesses may just need help to configure cloud-sharing applications for their PCs or need help updating operating software. I’ve even helped individuals tackle visual setting controls on their PCs – increasing/decreasing font sizes or lighting for example.

Another common question we often receive is “how am I billed for on-demand or as-needed services?”

Billable time starts with the first call of the month. We track service time as it’s used through the end of the month. At the end of the month, we calculate the time served and put together your invoice.

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