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We Offer Customized IT Solutions for Small Business Owners across the Twin Cities & around the Midwest

Here is a PARTIAL list of our services:

IT Consulting and Staffing Solutions can be wide and varied. If you don’t see something listed here that you’re wondering about, reach out to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call to see if we’re the right fit for your business & goals.

  •  ➡ Data recovery
  •  ➡ Internet security
  •  ➡ Remote antivirus monitoring
  •  ➡ Cloud backup
  •  ➡ Change of email provider
  •  ➡ Password management
  •  ➡ Software evaluation
  •  ➡ Software configurations and upgrades
  •  ➡ Training sessions

You want your business to run like a charm, and that may feel like you’re asking a lot.

You rely on your computer, your system and, software to meet your needs and your clients’ needs without hesitation. Just like you depend on your car to start up, run efficiently and get you where you want to go, you depend on your technology to serve you reliably every day as well. You count on it. Your clients count on it.

It’s never a good time for IT trouble—not with equipment, software programs, data loss, or ineffective sourcing solutions. You need a friendly, calming voice that can manage the distress and make it right. That’s why we’re here.

We know you’re tired of calling into a company with long wait times or dealing with an irritating automated system.

(We know. There are a lot of them out there, and we don’t like them either.)

You’re tired of calling multiple times for much-needed help and getting a different technician each time. It’s obvious that there is a wide range of skills available in that group of techs, and you can never be sure if they really know what’s best or they’re reading from a script.

With AK Consulting, you can relax. We provide fast, reliable, affordable IT service.

You’ll have the same, dedicated technician who knows you, your business, and your IT history. No more explaining over and over what the problems have been or actions that have been taken. You’ll have one caring expert to manage your system and keep track of the history.

As a client, you receive individualized service rather than working with whoever answers the phone. We will know the nuances of your system setup and will be familiar with your IT history from the beginning of your call to the end. We build relationships with our clients, and they know they can trust us to serve them with integrity and practical experience.

“Tony has strengthened our IT practices in a manner that has made onboarding new employees easy and keeps things moving with current ones. We like the personalized service he has provided us over the years!”

– NEI Advisors

We serve small businesses with under 10 employees in a wide range of service-based industries.

We also enjoy working with startup companies, helping them plan wisely, and contributing to their growth. We offer hourly rates, package rates, and contract rates, depending on your needs.

Contact us for a free, 20-minute Discovery Call & Consultation.

Once we know more about your business and the type of support you will need, we can discuss options designed to help grow your business. You can reach Tony at 612.408.5315 to set up a time convenient for you.

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